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Congratulations Ash!

Ashley James BrownWhen he’s not wiring up oversized ceramic apples or lighting strange brick clay cooking pots here at Eastnor Pottery, digital and creative maestro Ashley Brown gets to work on some pretty amazing projects.

He is currently Artist in Residence at Pervasive Media at the Watershed in Bristol having successfully applied for the post earlier this year.

Catch up with what he’s up to by visiting his blog.

Granny Smith?


large granny smith apple made from clay for Hereford Cider Museum

Throwing on top

Ceramic apples by potter Jon Williams in construction at his herefordshire studioPottery apples under construction by artist Jon Williams Herefordshirex8 giant clay apples made by Herefordshire Ceramic artist Jon Williams






In order to get the ‘right’ shape, I sometimes have to make things on the potter’s wheel in sections. Giant apples certainly demand the ‘throwing on top’ method of construction where by the base is thrown, allowed to harden for stability (leather hard) and then fresh clay attached to the top and I’m off again. These terracotta beauts still need a third section thrown in and angled down to achieve the effect.

Drying pots

Ribbed cylinders created by ceramic artist Jon Williams freshly made on the potters wheelFreshly thrown ribbed cylinders ready for a coat of slip.