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Stuart Houghton to the rescue…again!

Musical jugs created by herefordshire potter Jon Williams designed to be filled with water to tune them.Big thank you to Stuart Houghton Pottery based in Ledbury for firing these porcelain jugs as part of the Waterworks Museum pottery installation.

Our kilns here at Eastnor Pottery would struggle to reach the desired temperature to vitrify the surface of the pots. Stuart regularly takes his beautiful pots to 1280 degrees in his super duper, shiney new kilns designed to reach those higher temperatures.

Apple keyboard and Cider meeting

Clay apple prototypes for Hereford Cider Museum art installation.Brilliant day at the Cider Museum in Hereford yesterday. Margaret and her staff have been so accommodating and generous with their time, expertise and Museum artifacts.

I took the opportunity to show her some oversized clay apple prototypes, which, if all goes to plan will become an interactive keyboard for visitors to touch – each apple emitting a different note.

Burnt work

terracotta musical jugs designed to be filled with water to tune themOur kilns are over 20 years old and like second hand cars, need more and more TLC as the years go by.

Our kiln ‘doctor’, Mr Glyn Tilley, drives up from Abergavenny especialy to service our kilns. It’s always a pleasure to see Glyn, but his visits are becoming increasingly regular.

At the moment kiln no 2 seems to be overfiring at the bottom and burning our ceramics to a cinder. Just look at the colour difference of these two jug shapes. The one on the left was at the top of the firing and the darker one at the bottom of the pack. Grrrrr!

Rocking pots

Re-discovered this little video clip fimed here at the Pottery earlier this year. I was experimenting with a series of thrown ceramic disks, which were originally stacked on top of each other to create a kind of totem pole. Liking the movement and sound.

Check out the master of this kind of effect: Zimoun


ACE Grants for the Arts award success!

Delighted to have been awarded a G4A award from Arts Council England to enable a project that’s been bubbling away in the background for the past three years.

‘Ceramic Sound in Museums’ is the project title and this was the application blurb submitted to The Arts Council:

Exploring forms, textures and sound, unique and specific to the 3 Hereford based museums involved in the project: Waterworks Museum, Cider Museum and St John Medieval Museum & Coningsby Hospital, producing fired ceramic installations for the public to engage and interact with at each site. The pieces will be inspired by the
objects and sounds associated with the museums and industries connected with them. The project will progress my own creative development and professional practice in conjunction with the museums, including previously unexplored technologies and production techniques to enhance previously undertaken experimental work for exhibition.

I’m always keen to explore new materials, processes and collaborations, most recently on a project called *Random String initiated by Ludicrooms, based in Coventry. I was one of six artists selected to explore how digital
technology could be incorporated into hands-on practice.

*Random String is a Ludic Rooms project in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre and supported by Arts Council England.

Big big big thanks to Sue, Herefordshire’s Museum Development Officer who I’ve been working in partnership with for what seems like an age.

Waterworks Museum

Cider Museum

St John Medieval Museum

Happy Making prototypes

Pottery commission for Happy Museums projectCeramic play things and clay stamps for the Under 5′s developed as part of my involvement in the inspirational Happy Museums project facilitated by Craftplay and Craftspace at Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton. These prototype pieces are currently being road tested and put through their paces by the children, staff and parents at Loxdale Primary School. Can’t wait to hear their verdict!

Happy making!

Ceramic artist Jon Williams makes proto types for Happy Museums project in BilstonAt this time of year, things quieten down on the workshops and social engagement front. So much so, I find myself able to devote more time to my own making.

I’m currently involved in the lovely Happy Museums project at Craftplay in Wolverhampton. The enquiry has managed to strike the perfect balance of working with people and studio practice.

I’m developing a range of prototype ceramic stamps made from thrown clay on the potter’s wheel.

My apprentice Ethan was on hand to photograph my hand!


Blast from the past

A collection of archive pots by ceramic artist Jon WilliamsPeter Nahum visited Eastnor Pottery and purchased a few of my sculptural ceramics, some time ago back in the 90′s. It was a pleasant surprise recently when this lovely photo  dropped into my inbox with the following message:

Just to let you know we still love your pots and they have pride of place.

Thanks Peter - I’m so pleased!

MITM exhibition ends

The inspiring and much toured Made In The Middle exhibition curated by Craftspace ended in Northhampton at the weekend. Here’s a brilliant video made by a couple of visitors playing my Percussive Pots when the show called in at Rugby City Art Gallery earlier this year:

For more details about how this video clip came about please visit Craftspace MITM blog.

The music/ceramics crossover is an area I’m continuing to explore and this video more than hints at the direction my practice might take in the coming months and years.

Fresh Air 2013 Quenington

A couple of standing sculptures created by artist Jon Williams exhibited at Fresh Air 2013 sculpture exhibition QueningtonI’ve been exhibiting a couple of pieces at Fresh Air 2013 at Quenington Old Rectory in Gloucestershire. Here’s my thrown and assembled ‘Percussive disks’ of which I’m rather proud of the visual and acoustic effect. They stand 1m high and are designed to be struck using a soft beater.