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Archive for 13 April 2012

New photos

rattle pots by ceramic artist jon williams and photographed by Ieva Mihelsone

Photographer Ieva Mihelsone has been working with us over the past 6 months or so capturing the magic of what goes on here at Eastnor Pottery. She’s taken some beautiful shots of our course participants both young and old. More recently she played around with some of my pots and sculptures with different effects and backgrounds etc. The results are amazing and transform the objects in all kinds of ways. I’m planning to publish a lot of Ieva’s great work in the not too distant future. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this photo of a couple of my ‘rattle pots’.

Artist’s cafe @ New Brewery Arts

jon williams solo exhibition of interactive ceramics at new brewery arts cirencester

Once a month creatives in and around Cirencester meet up in the evening at The New Brewery Arts to network and enjoy a good cuppa. Last night, in my capacity as the Gallery’s featured artist I gave a talk about my career and influences. Artist and lecturer Richard Webb interviewed me in front of a select gathering of local artists.

Having been asked to comment on my earliest encounters with clay, I recalled the story of hurling lumps of sticky mud on the end of sticks at next door neighbours brick wall, totally fascinated at the adhesive properties (they stayed up there for weeks!)

Big thank you to Roger, who gave a name to this activity – pugsticks! He’d had fun as a boy throwing ‘pugsticks’ at his mates – nice!