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Valantines Clay Products

Super clay supplier based in StokeAn aspiration of my G4A project is to possibly produce some large ceramic work on a scale I have hithertoo been unable to achieve. I intended to make some huge pieces perhaps using casting and industrial techniques. Despite numerous emails and phone calls to producers of sanitary ware, giant insulators and big pots, I haven’t got very far.

We’ve been loyal customers of Valentines Clay products in Stoke for nearly as long as we’ve been potting – some 20 years! So, I thought it prudent to arrange a meeting with the main man at Valentines, Alan Ault. If anybody would be able to offer contacts and pointers, he’d be the one.

The meeting was extremely fruitfull in the fact that it pretty much re-inforced my experience of trying to set up a relationship with a producer. The majority of manufaturing has gone overseas! This of course I knew, but when it came down to trying to source something specific and a little ‘different’, I hadn’t realised the true extent of what has happend to British Ceramic manufacturing over the past 30 years or so.

Despite Alan’s generous time, expansive knowledge and contacts, I came away with no new leads. :(