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Archive for 6 January 2015

Burnt work

terracotta musical jugs designed to be filled with water to tune themOur kilns are over 20 years old and like second hand cars, need more and more TLC as the years go by.

Our kiln ‘doctor’, Mr Glyn Tilley, drives up from Abergavenny especialy to service our kilns. It’s always a pleasure to see Glyn, but his visits are becoming increasingly regular.

At the moment kiln no 2 seems to be overfiring at the bottom and burning our ceramics to a cinder. Just look at the colour difference of these two jug shapes. The one on the left was at the top of the firing and the darker one at the bottom of the pack. Grrrrr!

Giant cider vats

I’d love to make some gigantic pots inspired by and on the same scale as these magnificent wooden vats that reside at Hereford’s Cider Museum.

giant cider vats in the basement at Hereford Cider MuseumIf I did decide to have a crack at making something on this scale then probably will end up attempting to coil as I don’t think my throwing skills are sufficiently developed!?…and then there’s the whole issue of firing such a large piece…definately would need to be made else where with access to a large enough kiln to accommodate.

Anybody got any ideas?