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Archive for 28 February 2015

Andy’s apple leaf

Clay and forged bronze in fruity sculptureGreat to be working with Artist Blacksmith & Master Craftsman Andrew Findlay again. Just look at this amazing bronze leaf & stalk made in Eastnor Forge down the end of the lane. QUALITY!

Bronze is perfect for conducting electrical current so when the leaf is touched it will be easy to complete a circuit and make ‘something happen’….exciting stuff!

Stuart Houghton to the rescue…again!

Musical jugs created by herefordshire potter Jon Williams designed to be filled with water to tune them.Big thank you to Stuart Houghton Pottery based in Ledbury for firing these porcelain jugs as part of the Waterworks Museum pottery installation.

Our kilns here at Eastnor Pottery would struggle to reach the desired temperature to vitrify the surface of the pots. Stuart regularly takes his beautiful pots to 1280 degrees in his super duper, shiney new kilns designed to reach those higher temperatures.

Apple keyboard and Cider meeting

Clay apple prototypes for Hereford Cider Museum art installation.Brilliant day at the Cider Museum in Hereford yesterday. Margaret and her staff have been so accommodating and generous with their time, expertise and Museum artifacts.

I took the opportunity to show her some oversized clay apple prototypes, which, if all goes to plan will become an interactive keyboard for visitors to touch – each apple emitting a different note.

Coningsby Museum

Interactive art installation to reside in the fire place at Coningsby Museum HerefordHad a brilliant meeting with John at Coningsby Museum (the place with a skeleton under the floor) to decide exactly where the art work would be installed. He’s only gone and offered me the giant fireplace in the main room of the Museum!!

I’m awash with creative solutions to best fill the space, just a case of distilling some of them into prototypes.