Jon Williams Pottery

Archive for 30 April 2015

All in a days work

Pottery tools used by Herefordshire Potter Jon Williams for attaching clay decoration to his waresTook this photo of all the tools I had used today. Although I was engaged in just one specific and basic task – attaching clay sprigs to the surface of large thrown pots, when it came to washing down, I was struck by the variety of different utensils employed.

Animal magic

Cow shapped slabs of clay made by potter Jon WilliamsHad a relaxing and rewarding day making animal sprigs to be applied to the surface of some large brick clay pots.

The decoration is intended to illustrate food stuff from the Medieval era and the pots will eventually end up in the St John Medieval Museum installation.

Them bones them bones!

Xylophone made from pottery bones and clay potsExperiments with pottery bones and ceramic sound pots.

St John Medieval Museum has an enigmatic skeleton under the floor boards that visitors can view when a section of the floor is lifted.