Jon Williams Pottery

End of an era?

jon the potter's broken pot

Many of you who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past 15 years will have come across my ‘stripy doughnut bottle’ (I regularly use the piece to introduce my work and sources of inspiration.)

Sadly, this week saw the demise of ‘SDB’ – it just rolled off my trolley as I was hauling kit towards the flying potter van.

It wasn’t the first time the piece had been in the wars. In 2005 the pot toppled over in a school and broke in two – fortunately, on that occasion, the clean break was remedied with a blob of no more nails. Not so lucky this time!

After I had gotten over the initial horror, I was slowly filled with a sense of relief – how many years had I been upholding that piece as an example of my ceramic practice? I have plenty of new & improved pots, much more illustrative of current preocupations.

In a way the breakage was an overdue release from the ghosts of yester year’s pots!

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