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Trial & error…lots of error!

Potter's wheel failed experiments by artist Jon WilliamsI thought it would be a doddle making the final sections for the apples yesterday – how wrong was I!? Even though I have well over 20 years of making things on the potter’s wheel, it took me a couple of hours to suss out the technique without the clay warping and collapsing. New shapes – new ways of working!

Throwing on top

Ceramic apples by potter Jon Williams in construction at his herefordshire studioPottery apples under construction by artist Jon Williams Herefordshirex8 giant clay apples made by Herefordshire Ceramic artist Jon Williams






In order to get the ‘right’ shape, I sometimes have to make things on the potter’s wheel in sections. Giant apples certainly demand the ‘throwing on top’ method of construction where by the base is thrown, allowed to harden for stability (leather hard) and then fresh clay attached to the top and I’m off again. These terracotta beauts still need a third section thrown in and angled down to achieve the effect.

Andy’s apple leaf

Clay and forged bronze in fruity sculptureGreat to be working with Artist Blacksmith & Master Craftsman Andrew Findlay again. Just look at this amazing bronze leaf & stalk made in Eastnor Forge down the end of the lane. QUALITY!

Bronze is perfect for conducting electrical current so when the leaf is touched it will be easy to complete a circuit and make ‘something happen’….exciting stuff!

Apple keyboard and Cider meeting

Clay apple prototypes for Hereford Cider Museum art installation.Brilliant day at the Cider Museum in Hereford yesterday. Margaret and her staff have been so accommodating and generous with their time, expertise and Museum artifacts.

I took the opportunity to show her some oversized clay apple prototypes, which, if all goes to plan will become an interactive keyboard for visitors to touch – each apple emitting a different note.

Giant cider vats

I’d love to make some gigantic pots inspired by and on the same scale as these magnificent wooden vats that reside at Hereford’s Cider Museum.

giant cider vats in the basement at Hereford Cider MuseumIf I did decide to have a crack at making something on this scale then probably will end up attempting to coil as I don’t think my throwing skills are sufficiently developed!?…and then there’s the whole issue of firing such a large piece…definately would need to be made else where with access to a large enough kiln to accommodate.

Anybody got any ideas?

A frothing good time

Great to finaly take delivery of my IKEA PRODUKT milk frother, although I’m using it in a fashion the manufacturers may never have even dreamed of! Great little device with all kinds of applications for crazy potter artist types wanting a powered kinetic effect.

Musical Ceramics Festival

Whilst doing preliminary research for my ACE funded ‘Ceramics & Sound’ project, I came across a Ceramic Music Festival held in 2012 in West Java, Indonesia.

ACE Grants for the Arts award success!

Delighted to have been awarded a G4A award from Arts Council England to enable a project that’s been bubbling away in the background for the past three years.

‘Ceramic Sound in Museums’ is the project title and this was the application blurb submitted to The Arts Council:

Exploring forms, textures and sound, unique and specific to the 3 Hereford based museums involved in the project: Waterworks Museum, Cider Museum and St John Medieval Museum & Coningsby Hospital, producing fired ceramic installations for the public to engage and interact with at each site. The pieces will be inspired by the
objects and sounds associated with the museums and industries connected with them. The project will progress my own creative development and professional practice in conjunction with the museums, including previously unexplored technologies and production techniques to enhance previously undertaken experimental work for exhibition.

I’m always keen to explore new materials, processes and collaborations, most recently on a project called *Random String initiated by Ludicrooms, based in Coventry. I was one of six artists selected to explore how digital
technology could be incorporated into hands-on practice.

*Random String is a Ludic Rooms project in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre and supported by Arts Council England.

Big big big thanks to Sue, Herefordshire’s Museum Development Officer who I’ve been working in partnership with for what seems like an age.

Waterworks Museum

Cider Museum

St John Medieval Museum