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Hereford Courtyard Theatre Exhibition

I have been challenged by the visual arts board at The Courtyard Theatre in Hereford to produce an interactive ceramic installation. The ‘piece’ will be exhibited in January/ February 2010 as part of their ongoing exhibition programme – and to coincide with ‘panto’ season – lots of families milling about the place!


H’art gave me a reason to be based in Eastnor for the week, and I purposely didn’t take on any workshop commitments. So I spent a rewarding 9 days doing something that I haven’t done in years – pure unadulterated making!

I’ve been working with brick clay kindly donated by Baggeridge- a Hartlebury based brick company in Worcestershire. In order to get the right qualities for throwing on the wheel , I’ve been blending the brick clay with a Valentine’s red. I just love the chocolate butter icing effect of the two clays as I begin the mix.