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Bone tech!

pottery bone & movement sensor glued in place as a ceramic art installationThe minute motion sensors are glued into the belly of the ceramic bones – as you do!

Electronics supplied by Ashley Brown.

10 green bottles…

Experimening with musical notes with partially water filled glass bottles…..hanging on the wall – well, standing on a picnic bench actually!

Managed to get a tune out of x6, just a tad annoyed I didn’t have another two bottles to get the whole range of notes needed for 10 green bottles.

Rocking pots

Re-discovered this little video clip fimed here at the Pottery earlier this year. I was experimenting with a series of thrown ceramic disks, which were originally stacked on top of each other to create a kind of totem pole. Liking the movement and sound.

Check out the master of this kind of effect: Zimoun