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Sensational Leamington

Solo show of ceramics by Herefordshire potter Jon WilliamsWhen it opened in 2011, Sensational Clay was never intended to be exhibited anywhere other than the fantastic and unique Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton. However, here we are in 2015 and I’ve just attended the opening of my solo show of interactive ceramics at Leamington Spa Art Gallery.

The exhibition also had an airing in Cirencester, Carlisle and Worcester and by the time it closes at Leamington, will have been enjoyed by over 10,000 gallery visitors.

To celebrate the opening, I was privileged to be invited to give a ‘Friday focus’ introductory talk followed by a practical workshop on the Saturday. Participants were encouraged to use a variety of hand building techniques to make musical pots. A creative bunch for sure and some had their own kilns or access to firings. A lovely couple of days with some lovely people. Thank you to all the staff and visitors who made me feel so welcome.

Workshop led by ceramic artist Jon WilliamsMusical ceramics workshop led by artist Jon Williamspottery workshop for visitors to Sensational clay exhibition by Jon Williams






Sensational Clay runs 6th March – 4th May 2015.

Apple keyboard and Cider meeting

Clay apple prototypes for Hereford Cider Museum art installation.Brilliant day at the Cider Museum in Hereford yesterday. Margaret and her staff have been so accommodating and generous with their time, expertise and Museum artifacts.

I took the opportunity to show her some oversized clay apple prototypes, which, if all goes to plan will become an interactive keyboard for visitors to touch – each apple emitting a different note.

Burnt work

terracotta musical jugs designed to be filled with water to tune themOur kilns are over 20 years old and like second hand cars, need more and more TLC as the years go by.

Our kiln ‘doctor’, Mr Glyn Tilley, drives up from Abergavenny especialy to service our kilns. It’s always a pleasure to see Glyn, but his visits are becoming increasingly regular.

At the moment kiln no 2 seems to be overfiring at the bottom and burning our ceramics to a cinder. Just look at the colour difference of these two jug shapes. The one on the left was at the top of the firing and the darker one at the bottom of the pack. Grrrrr!

Giant cider vats

I’d love to make some gigantic pots inspired by and on the same scale as these magnificent wooden vats that reside at Hereford’s Cider Museum.

giant cider vats in the basement at Hereford Cider MuseumIf I did decide to have a crack at making something on this scale then probably will end up attempting to coil as I don’t think my throwing skills are sufficiently developed!?…and then there’s the whole issue of firing such a large piece…definately would need to be made else where with access to a large enough kiln to accommodate.

Anybody got any ideas?

A frothing good time

Great to finaly take delivery of my IKEA PRODUKT milk frother, although I’m using it in a fashion the manufacturers may never have even dreamed of! Great little device with all kinds of applications for crazy potter artist types wanting a powered kinetic effect.

Half full half empty?

Always half full here at Eastnor Pottery, particularly when I get to play with these little brick clay vessels and a bowl of water! I’m enjoying how the pots look and feel as well as the accoustic effects acheived when they are either filled with or submerged in water.

And some people have proper jobs!

clay and sound experiments by ceramic artist jon williamsSpent a lovely morning meeting with Noel at the Waterworks Museum and then a glorious afternoon playing in the garden with water and containers. #bestjobever!

Rocking pots

Re-discovered this little video clip fimed here at the Pottery earlier this year. I was experimenting with a series of thrown ceramic disks, which were originally stacked on top of each other to create a kind of totem pole. Liking the movement and sound.

Check out the master of this kind of effect: Zimoun


Musical Ceramics Festival

Whilst doing preliminary research for my ACE funded ‘Ceramics & Sound’ project, I came across a Ceramic Music Festival held in 2012 in West Java, Indonesia.

MITM exhibition ends

The inspiring and much toured Made In The Middle exhibition curated by Craftspace ended in Northhampton at the weekend. Here’s a brilliant video made by a couple of visitors playing my Percussive Pots when the show called in at Rugby City Art Gallery earlier this year:

For more details about how this video clip came about please visit Craftspace MITM blog.

The music/ceramics crossover is an area I’m continuing to explore and this video more than hints at the direction my practice might take in the coming months and years.