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Pot sale!!!

The great  ‘Sensational Clay’ sell off – 12th August 2015 – Bilston Craft Gallery Garden Festival

touchy feely ceramics by Herefordshire artist potter Jon WilliamsThrown pots made from brick clay designed for gallery visitors to playInteractice pottery as part of Sensational Clay exhibition by Jon Williams






I’m looking to sell all the exhibits from my solo, touring exhibition ‘Sensational Clay’ at a one off event – The Garden Festival at Bilston Craft Gallery in the West Midlands.

I’ll be offering all the pieces at a fraction of their original value, in fact everything will be priced between a bargain £5 and £30 – everything must go!

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in one of five venues across the West Midlands and beyond, missed out on an extravaganza of fired ceramic designed to stimulate the five senses. All the exhibits were made with visitor interaction in mind and as well as being accessible to touch, there were aromatic pieces, musical rattle pots and sculptural curios inspired by food and drink.

Sensational Clay was first exhibited at Bilston Craft Gallery in the Summer of 2011. The show proved so popular with  it’s intended family audience, the Gallery suggested it be offered to other venues as a touring resource. It went on to be exhibited at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, Tulie House Museum & Art gallery in Carslile, Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery before it’s last outing at Leamington Spa Art Gallery in Warwickshire.

The Garden Festival starts at 2pm and is due to finish at 5pm but do hurry as the work won’t be around for long!

Happy Making prototypes

Pottery commission for Happy Museums projectCeramic play things and clay stamps for the Under 5′s developed as part of my involvement in the inspirational Happy Museums project facilitated by Craftplay and Craftspace at Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton. These prototype pieces are currently being road tested and put through their paces by the children, staff and parents at Loxdale Primary School. Can’t wait to hear their verdict!

Happy making!

Ceramic artist Jon Williams makes proto types for Happy Museums project in BilstonAt this time of year, things quieten down on the workshops and social engagement front. So much so, I find myself able to devote more time to my own making.

I’m currently involved in the lovely Happy Museums project at Craftplay in Wolverhampton. The enquiry has managed to strike the perfect balance of working with people and studio practice.

I’m developing a range of prototype ceramic stamps made from thrown clay on the potter’s wheel.

My apprentice Ethan was on hand to photograph my hand!


Craft Taster Day at Bilston Craft Gallery

Craft taster day at bilston craft gallery 20th april 2013

Looking forward to returning once again to Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton.

Sensational Clay take down

pottery by jon williams from his exhibition 'sensational clay' at the bilston craft gallery

I spent yesterday and today collecting work from my exhibition ‘Sensational Clay’ at The Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton.

Saturday 3rd Sept was the final opportunity for visitors to experience the touchy, smelly and rattlin’ works of ceramic art.

I’ve been really pleased with visitor comments and a handfull of people took the time to blog about their experience of the show. Please take a look at what they had to say:

Sensational Clay at Bilston Craft Gallery

Sensational Clay
Bilston Craft Gallery

9 Jul 11 – 3 Sep 11

This fun and thought-provoking exhibition has something for all the family to enjoy. Sensational Clay is an exhibition of ceramics to stimulate the senses by Hereford-based potter Jon Williams.

The works have all been inspired by the five senses, and all have a secret to discover, from tiny hand-held items to huge one-metre wide pots! Explore the pieces to find out more – lift lids to discover hidden treasures, shake the musical pots to make some noise or try to guess the smell coming from the scented vessels!

Celebrate the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 9 July with lots of fun, free activities for all the family, including workshops with the artist Jon Williams.

Bilston Craft Gallery Website