Jon Williams Pottery


Welcome to Jon’s world of pottery participation and making.

Drum pots by ceramic artist Jon Williams

Clay is a fantastic medium. No matter how slight the interaction everyone can make their mark.

Jon loves this attribute of clay and he aspires to make fired, ceramic objects that incorporate similar notions of engagement.

He produces pottery designed to be handled, shaken or struck. Each item invites the handler to experience the work in a very different way to a traditional ceramic object like a mug, plate or bowl. His solo touring show ‘Sensational Clay’, offered gallery visitors the opportunity to touch and smell the exhibits.

More recently and in an attempt to add further layers of interaction, he’s been collaborating with digital technologists and sound artists. Current ceramic pieces are just as likely to incorporate mini speakers, wires and micro chips. Check out these ‘electro bees‘ made in collaboration with Creative Black Country.

As well as working with individuals and groups from his studio on the idyllic Eastnor Castle Estate, Jon travels all over the West Midlands and beyond encountering all ages and abilities, exploring and developing their creativity. Jon regularly works in early year’s settings, schools, children’s centres, libraries, museums, art galleries, businesses and organisations.