The Hydraulophone

This is what I’ve been looking at today with reference to The Waterworks Museum installation .


  1. sharon says:

    Hello Jon,
    I was doing some research on funded projects by the Art Council and found this AWESOME project.
    Congratulations how fabulous. Could not see any of the museum final pieces though is there a documentary on those.

    I am in London, teaching at a new ceramic studio called Turning Earth, and hoping to get some funding for a community arts project. Wish me luck and maybe one day I could come and play music with those fantastic musical pots of yours.

    • Jon Williams says:

      Hello Sharon and thank you for your kind words and interest in this project. The reason you cant find any info on the finished work is down to the fact that the project is still in development phase! As soon as things go live I’ll drop you a line. In the meantime, good luck with your project applications and Turning Earth looks amazing!
      Thanks once again for getting in touch. :)